Board Of Adjustment

Board Of Adjustment Processes

The Seminole County Board of Adjustment (BOA)  is a group consisting of five (5) regular members and two (2) alternate members, all of which are appointed by the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners (BCC). It is empowered to hear and decide Variances and Special Exceptions
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NOTE: Once your application has been accepted and processed you may pay online using your Project Number at this portal.  Please email your completed application indicating you wish to pay by credit card and County staff will provide the Project Number.

Variance Process, Requirements, and Application
A variance is a waiver from the requirements of the Land Development Code, where specific enforcement would result in unnecessary hardship. The variance requested should be the minimum variance that would make possible the reasonable use of the land, building or structure.  Seeking a variance is asking for something special that goes beyond the established limits or restrictions of the Seminole County Land Development Code. 

Special Exception Process, Requirements & Application
A use that would not be appropriate generally in the particular zoning district but which, if controlled as to number, area, location, or relation to the neighborhood, would protect the public interest.

Mobile Home Process, Requirements, & Application 
In A-1, A-3, A-5 and A-10 Districts, (AGRICULTURE DISTRICT) the Board of Adjustment may approve the temporary occupancy of a mobile home or recreational vehicle while a house is under construction or the placement of a mobile home on a temporary or permanent basis in A-1, only after they consider the compatibility with surrounding land uses and determined that the proposed mobile home complies with the following criteria per the Seminole County Land Development Code (SCLDC) Chapter 30, 30.123.

Additional forms required for most applications:

Owner Disclosure Form
Owner Authorization Form