Development Processes & Requirements

Review Process Flowchart


Proposed Project


Pre-Application Meeting
A temporary Project Manager is assigned

Application Package Submittal

Sufficiency Review
If submittal is not sufficient, the applicant will have to re-submit

Application is determined sufficient
Project Manager is Assigned

Appropriate Review Issues Managed

- Engineering Design Issues
- Site & Sub-Division Design Criteria
- Concurrency Reviews
- Traffic Operations Utilities
- Comp Plan Consistency
- Building Code Issues
- Natural Features Protection
- Zoning Issues
- Police Protections Issues
- Setbacks - Buffers, etc.
- Impact Fees
- Fire Protection Issues
- Landscaping
- Health Department
- School Board

Internal Team Meeting

Normal Project

Fast Track Project

Technical Review Meeting
Open Meeting with Applicant
Applicant Responds to Comments and Questions

Project Management Coordination

Staff Review

Development Review Committee
Approval - Approval with Conditions - Denial - Continue
Some Fast Track Projects can skip this an go to the Staff Action

Planning and Zoning Meeting

County Commission Meeting

Plan Approved - Staff Action

Pre-Construction Meeting

Field Changes as appropriate
Process Management Coordination continues