Forms And Applications

* Change of Use Guidelines (PDF) [130KB]
* Commercial Plan Requirements Guide (PDF) - Required Information on Construction Drawings (PDF) [199KB]
* Deposit Guide (PDF) [224KB]
* Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Submittal Guide (PDF) [217 KB]
* Fence Submittal Guide (PDF) [266KB]
* Gas Submittal Guide (PDF) [393KB]
* Re-Roof Submittal Guide (PDF) [313KB]
* Residential Plan Requirements Guide - Required Information on Construction Drawings (PDF) [263]
* Solar Photovoltaic System Submittal Guide (PDF) [128KB]
* Windows/Doors/Sliding Submittal Guide (PDF) [314KB]
* ePlan Commercial Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [320KB]
* ePlan Generator Submittal Guide (PDF) [104KB]
* ePlan Mobile Home Submittal Guide (PDF) [263KB]
* ePlan Residential Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [128KB]
* ePlan Sign Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [323KB]
* Owner/Builder Commercial Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [321KB]
* Owner/Builder Generator Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [395KB]
* Owner/Builder Mobile Home Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [367KB]
* Owner/Builder Residential Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [321KB]
* Owner/Builder Sign Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [323KB]

Icon Survey Small GENERAL
* Additional Information Form (PDF) [114KB]
* After Hours Inspection Request (PDF) [680KB]
* After Hours Plan Review Request (PDF) [236KB]
* Agreement to Remove Existing Residence (PDF) [520KB]
* Application for Tree Removal - Single Family Residence only - If required by Zoning (PDF) [122KB]
* Asbestos NotificationStatement (PDF) [105KB]
* Change of General Contractor Form (PDF) [98KB]--> $20.00 fee to change General Contractor
* Change of General Contractor to Owner / Builder Form (PDF) [95KB]--> $20.00 fee to change General Contractor
* Change Sub-Contractor Form (PDF) [167KB]--> $5.00 fee to change a Sub-Contractor 
* Effective dates for mandatory electronic submittals (PDF) (ePlan submittal)
* Electrical Safety Affidavit (PDF) [133KB]
* ePlan Dropoff Form (PDF) [147KB]
* Fence in Easement Estoppel (PDF) [321KB] ** Effective 6-24-19
* Final Engineering Inspection
* Fire Loss Report (PDF[80KB]
* Gas Plan Worksheet (PDF) [150KB]
* Generator Submittal Guide (PDF) [99KB]
* Historical / Archaeological Form (PDF) [111KB]
* Landlord / Tenant Affidavit (PDF) [217KB]
* License Administration (PDF) [233KB] ** Effective 6-26-19
* Notice of Commencement (PDF) [87KB]
* Owner / Builder Statement (PDF) [85KB]
* Pool Safety Affirmation Form (PDF) [175KB]
* Power of Attorney Form - Limited (PDF) [44KB]
* Product Approval Form (PDF) [300KB]
* Public Records Request (PDF) [120KB] 
* Renewal / Extension of Permit Request (PDF) [202KB]
* Request for T.U.G (PDF) [210KB]
* Request for Pre-Power (PDF) [88KB]
* Re-Roof Dry-In Affidavit (PDF) [211KB]
* Re-Roof Supplement (PDF) [841KB]  
* Revision Form (PDF) [142KB] ** Effective 8-12-19
* Shed Plan Example (PDF) [206KB]
* Shed in Easement Estoppel (PDF) [206KB]
* Signature Acknowledgement (PDF) [104KB]
* Site Plan Example (PDF) [108KB]
* Soffit Inspection Affidavit PDF [185KB]
* View Only Consultant Permission Form (PDF) [167KB]
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* Commercial Permit Application (PDF) [666KB]
* ePlan Commercial Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [320KB]
* Owner/Buider Commercial Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [321KB]
* Commercial Plan Requirements - Required Information on Construction Drawings (PDF) [129KB]
* Change of Use Guidelines (PDF) [140KB]
* Early Start Authorization for Minor Interior Alterations (PDF) [237KB]
* Sign Permit Application (PDF) [289KB]
* ePlan Sign Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [323KB]
* Owner/Builder Sign Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [323KB]
* Stocking and Training Permit Application (PDF) [193KB]
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FIRE (for more information, please visit the Fire Prevention webpage HERE)
* Fire / Security Alarm Submittal Checklist (PDF) [96KB]
* Fire Watch Procedure (PDF) [143KB]
* Fireworks Display Permit Requirements (PDF) [88KB]
* Sparkler Sales Permit (PDF) [10KB]
* Tent Permit Requirements (PDF) [23KB]
* Use of Flame Effects Before an Audience Permit (PDF) [96KB]
Icon Survey Small RESIDENTIAL
* Residential Permit Application (PDF) [425KB]
* ePlan Residential Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [322KB]
* Owner/Builder Residential Permit Submittal Guide (PDF) [322KB]
* Residential Plan Review Checklist - Required Information on Construction Drawings (PDF) [263KB]
* Residential Drainage Guidelines (PDF) [136KB]
* Mobile Home Submittal Guide (PDF) [96KB]
* Mobile Home Data Form (PDF) [343KB]
* Model Home Requirements (PDF) [111KB]
* Energy Calculation Form 402-2017 (PDF) [133KB]
* Flood Zone Determination Request (PDF) [205KB]--> $45.00 fee for a flood zone determination (Effective 3-13-2014)