Other Permitting

Pre-power Electrical Inspections

Pre-power requests will require only a single electrical inspection by the County Electrical Inspector. Should you have any questions concerning Pre-power, please contact the Assistant Chief Electrical Inspector.

The following must be complete prior to pre-power being approved:

  1. Pre-power form and fees paid ($80 plus all rejection fees)
  2. The service and that part of the electrical system to be energized must be 100% complete
  3. Panels that are to be energized must have their breakers installed, wire pulled, and an electrical inspection completed before it will be energized
  4. The covers on panels that are going to be energized, breakers labeled (labels can be hand written temporarily)
  5. Panels to be locked or contained in a room that is locked - the electrician and superintendent only should have the keys
  6. All outlets to be safed up either by installation of device, equipment, or lighting fixture or blanked off.
  7. Device covers to be installed
  8. Each job will be inspected on a case-by-case basis.

The electrical inspector will inspect and either approve for pre-power or reject for pre-power. If you have problems or questions, please discuss them with your site electrical inspector or call the Assistant Chief Electrical Inspector.