Other Permitting

Permitting Metal Buildings

Typical metal building procedures are to provide complete plans and specifications with application to construct any metal building. This includes the plans and specifications by the metal building manufacturer. In some cases, the contractor prefers not to submit the metal building manufacturer's plans until later in the process because of costs of obtaining these sealed plans from the manufacturer. In those cases, we will accept the architect's plans for the metal building with structural locations of steel supports and columns. All metal buildings will need to be inspected by a structural engineer or by the architect or engineer of record. A written report of this inspection must be signed and shall be submitted to the Building Inspector on site with the structural plans and any shop drawings, at time of framing inspection, prior to the concealing of any of the structural steel stipulating the following:

  1. The structural steel erection is in substantial compliance with the approved structural plan and the applicable AISI Code or SJI specifications (see Florida Building Code Sections 2201 through 2212).
  2. Field welding is in conformance with the approved plans, AWS Code and AISI specifications. Full penetration welds shall be inspected and radiographically or ultrasonically tested.
  3. The assembly and inspection of connections using high strength bolts shall conform with approved plans and ASTM 325 or A 490.
  4. The report shall include: job name, street address, permit number, and engineer's report

All independent inspections shall be at the permittee's or owner's expense.

After completing the on-site inspections, the Inspector will forward the documentation and engineer's report to the Commercial Permitting Section to file with the approved plans for recordkeeping.