Other Permitting

Permitting Construction Trailers And Sales Trailers

Construction Trailers

  1. Copy of the site plan showing the location of temporary power pole for addressing purposes.
  2. A permit is not required for the trailer, only for the temporary pole.
  3. A detailed description as to what the trailer will be used for and who will occupy it is required on the application.
  4. The utilities portion of the application needs to be completed.  If not connecting to public water and/or sewer, then state water source and how the sewage will be disposed of.

Sales / Leasing Trailers

  1. A copy of the approved site plan
  2. A copy of the State (DCA) approved plans for the trailer
  3. A copy of the State (DCA) approved energy calculations for the trailer
  4. A copy of the signed and sealed or State (DCA) approved foundation plan
  5. A copy of the complete accessible parking and ramp details