Protect Your Home


FEMA Flood Zone Locator

Seminole County’s primary cause of flooding is tropical systems and afternoon thunderstorms. Certain areas of Seminole County are low lying areas and are prone to flooding, including the areas around St. Johns River, Lake Jessup, and Lake Harney. However these are not the only areas with the potential of flooding, every homeowner in Seminole County should take the proper steps to protect themselves from floods.

  • Be sure you have flood insurance most homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage.
  • Regularly inspect all window and door seals and be sure they are in good condition.
  • Be prepared with sandbags and know how to place them properly.
  • Raise or floodproof any HVAC equipment.
  • Make sure all gutters and downspouts are operational and free of debris.
  • In the case of a flood move all furniture and valuables to the second floor or in a single story residence keep furniture up on blocks and valuables in a safe location.
  • If flood waters are present turn off all electricity.
  • If you must evacuate be sure all utilities are turned off.
  • Talk to a plumber about installing a backflow valve to prevent sewage backup.