Protect Your Home

Natural, man-made, and technological disasters are possible for any resident of the United States. Seminole County citizens are bound to be affected in some way by events such as a hurricane, tornado, or wildfire. However, you can greatly reduce the risk to you, your family, and your property by following some simple guidelines.

There is the risk of house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and theft in every home, but it is something you can be prepared for and sometime even prevented. The guidelines on the "Prepare Seminole" website will help to keep your home and your family safe. These activities include such items as purchasing and checking smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly. Also, keeping a fire extinguisher handy may prevent the spread of fire if used properly. These and other safety techniques are available by clicking the hazard on the left menu.

No home is completely safe from a disaster, however these tools and techniques can keep you and your family safe. By using the guidelines you can make your home less susceptible to all hazards, and keep your property and valuables safe.

Fire Extinguisher and Smoke Alarm