Prepare Seminole

Feature Story

SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL (Tuesday, October 9, 2018) -

County Status:

The Seminole County Office of Emergency Management is closely monitoring and preparing for the potential effects of Hurricane Michael.  Emergency Operations Center remains at Level - 3 Enhanced.  Yesterday, crews prepared shelter supplies in the event a request was received to provide support for host sheltering as individuals evacuate the panhandle.  Emergency crews are preparing to respond to North-West Florida after the storm.

Seminole County Public Works Stormwater teams were out over the weekend and Monday reviewing all lake leves throughout the County.  There are some lakes which are extremely high and will be monitored closely as these rain bands move through the area.  Two parks remain closed due to flood waters: Geneva Wilderness Area and Lake Jesup Wilderness Area.    


Hurricane Michael gathered strength on Monday as it entered the Gulf of Mexico.  The hurricane is expected to continue on this trend North with an expected landfall between Destin and the big bend of Florida on early to mid-day Wednesday. Rain bands reach out hundreds of miles from the hurricane center.  Seminole County has already started to experience these brief rain showers and the bands move through the area.  

Thesystem is forecasted to continue with increased rainfall, dangerous winds, and some localized flooding.  Localized tornadoes are a higher threat on the Eastern side of the hurricane.

Community Preparedness:

This is a great time to sign up for Seminole County alert and notification system: Alert Seminole.  Critical updates, boil water notices, weather warnings, shelter information, road closures and evacuations are received via e-mail, phone, and text. Residents can sign up for this program at

Hurricane Michael is a reminder to have everything ready in case of a hurricane.  Individuals in North-West Florida only had three days to prepare for this event.  Residents should verify insurance information, review emergency supplies, and develop a plan of action.