Prepare Seminole

Feature Story

Emergency Operations Center Status:

Emergency Activation Level 4

The Seminole County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is the central command and coordination point for disaster preparedness, training, response, and recovery efforts for the County. The purpose of the EOC is to provide a centralized and specialized location to communicate, organize and manage natural or man-made disasters and make strategic decisions necessary to protect the residents and property of Seminole County.  Since May 22, the EOC staff have been monitoring the system and conducted regular conferences calls with the State of Florida, National Weather Service, Southeast River Forecast Center, and National Hurricane Center. 

To ensure all of the available information is transmitted into the EOC, the main room is equipped state of the art, computerized audio-visual equipment, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping software, interoperable communications, traffic monitoring, satellite technology for redundant communications, and video cameras for live EOC streaming during activations. The room is also equipped with an emergency management resources tracking computer software. The integration of all of these information and communications systems provides an essential on-site decision making platform plus an excellent training room for various applications. In the event of large scale disaster, the EOC is equipped with two backup generators, potable water for drinking, shower facilities, and dormitories.

Lake Level / River Monitoring:

Seminole County Stormwater Division has conducted a site visit to all lakes and rivers to visualize and verify flood guage levels.  All lakes and rivers are currently at acceptable levels.  Over four years ago, base flood elevations were taken at the lowest level homes near these tributaries and lakes.  Currently, no homes are threatened to flood.  If rain estimates rise, protective measures will be taken.  

Mosquitoes :

Seminole County Mosquito Control reminds all individuals to "Drain and Cover".  As with any rain event, the ponding of water will create a perfect environment for the breeding of mosquitoes.  To control this population, it is critical to dump any ponding water, drain any catch basins, and cover anything that can collect water.