Emergency Management


Seminole County’s Office of Emergency Management Internship Program offers a highly competitive opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in emergency management public administration, emergency planning, emergency operations, communications, and community preparedness.

Seminole County Interns working Tropical Storm FayThe internship experience should be one that strengthens an area(s) where the intern is lacking in real-world knowledge and experience. Students who intern with the Office of Emergency Management will be able to use the experience to build resumes, gain valuable experience in homeland security and emergency management principles, and gain entry into the emergency management / public administration field.

The internship should be at least three (3) months in length so the student can gain enough experience in the emergency management field to benefit him/her in the workplace.

The type of work performed will be dependent on the student’s requirements and the needs of the Office of Emergency Management at the time of the internship. The following projects will be offered to the intern to help the student gain a better understanding of emergency management and public administration:

  • Attend training and education programs provided at the Emergency Operations Center;
  • Write, coordinate, and facilitate exercises in the Emergency Operations Center for multiple agencies and jurisdictions;
  • Assist emergency management personnel in responding to emergencies and disasters throughout the County;
  • Develop and coordinate the emergency planning activities of Seminole County Government.
  • Strengthen the persons with special needs / functional needs program;
  • Review of hospital, healthcare, assisted living facility and nursing home plans, policies and procedures;
  • Research of potential programs for the office in preparedness and planning;
  • Development of special event activities to build “culture of preparedness” in the County;
  • Development of public awareness materials and programs;
  • Shelter management plans review and consolidation;
  • County Points of Distribution (CPOD) agreements and networking;
  • Create after action reports for exercises using the Department of Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP);
  • Develop job lists and check sheet required during activations of the Emergency Operations Center;
  • Understanding of homeland security and emergency management principles through real life experience;
  • Participate in and provide input on regional response plans and committees;
  • Participate in drills throughout Seminole County and the region to build knowledge in emergency management;
  • Work with mitigation specialists to develop project list for vulnerable properties;
  • Assist the Office of Emergency Management with building relationship between private and public partnerships; and
  • Completion of the FEMA’s Professional Development Series (PDS) courses.

Seminole County Office of Emergency Management will move the student around as much as possible within the organization to give the student as many experiences as is possible. In addition to highly substantive and meaningful projects, interns gain in-depth knowledge of the field by networking with emergency managers across the State and nation.

Since its inception in January 2005, highly qualified students have successfully obtained positions in emergency management and homeland security offices throughout the Country. To qualify for an internship program, please e-mail your resume and internship packet to the Office of Emergency Management (aharris@seminolecountyfl.gov).

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