Emergency Management

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VolunteerSeminole County relies on community volunteers, non-profit, and faith-based organizations before, during, and after times of disaster. Before disasters, volunteers support preparedness programs including Severe Weather Awareness Week, Hurricane Preparedness Week, and various community programs and events.

During times of disaster, volunteers provide services to include emotional counseling, community assistance, feeding kitchens, shelter management support, landscaping/chain-saw teams, debris removal for special needs and senior citizens, and outreach programs - including local, State, and FEMA assistance programs.

Make A Difference!
Volunteers provide an invaluable service to their County and community during disasters. You can volunteer to help in several areas.

As a volunteer your training may make the difference between life and death for yourself, your family or your neighbors. Becoming a volunteer gives you the opportunity to provide support to the professional rescue services when aid in needed.

Emergency Operations Center – The center of all activity during a disaster, the EOC needs volunteers for a variety of tasks. Be part of the team that makes things happen!

Public Safety Communications – Stressed to the limit during major emergencies, our communications center needs you to help free them up for their main job – getting rescuers to the scene! Answering non-emergency phone lines frees up time and people.

Internships – Seminole County Office of Emergency Management provides experienced learning/internship programs for individuals interested in careers in homeland security and emergency management.


The Seminole County Office of Emergency Management’s Adopt-a-Shelter Program is an opportunity for any non-profit, faith-based, or private organization to demonstrate community involvement and support for the County’s emergency shelters in a disaster. This program provides support for shelters and citizens in times of need. The American Red Cross and the Office of Emergency Management will provide free training for all volunteers wanting to assist in a shelter. When you adopt a shelter, your agency’s name will be displayed on a sign and placed near the shelter to acknowledge your efforts.


Contact the Seminole County Office of Emergency Management for further information at 407-665-5102.