Community Conversation On Homelessness

Vision: No person in Seminole County has to be homeless.

Mission: To have a coordinated system of care through community collaboration and evidence based “best practices” that ensures access to housing and supportive services.

Outcome: Reduce and prevent homelessness through an increase in housing opportunities and supportive services capacity leading to self-sufficiency.

Program at a Glance

The CCoH is a collaborative effort by homeless stakeholders within Seminole County. The team is creating a strategic plan and subtending project plans to meet our vision, mission and outcome (above).

Our current shared strategies include:

  • Support regional efforts to develop a coordinated referral, communication and service provision system.
  • Align services to meet emerging homelessness requirements.
  • Continue to improve a formal housing plan that attends to regional, state and federal frameworks to close identified housing gaps that hinder continuum of care goals.
  • Develop a governance structure to support systems improvement, monitor their progress, and continually evaluate their effectiveness.

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