Housing And Financial Assistance

Housing & Financial Assistance Application Checklist

Forms,  in bold, are available in the Community Assistance Office or online with the application.

Basic Documents Required for ALL Services (Must be Legible)

In order to complete your web application, please download the Authorization of Release of Information and the Application Signature Page forms, have all members of the household (ages 18 and older) sign these two forms and submit them along with the other required documents.

  • Valid Legible Florida Picture ID or Valid Legible Florida Driver’s License of all adult household members (ages 18 and older)
    • Please note: Out of state IDs, expired IDs, Passports, Military IDs are not acceptable forms of identification
  •  Social Security cards or two page letter from SSA indicating your name and social security number for all household members
  • All household members must provide a U.S.birth certificate (a valid U.S. Passport, Voter's Registration card or Naturalization Certificate may be substituted if a U.S. birth certificate is not available) 
  • Documentation of Name Change (if name on valid Florida ID or Driver's License, or any other documentation being submitted, does not match name on U.S. Birth Certificate)
  • If any household member is not a U.S. Citizen, you must provide a copy of the Valid Permanent Resident Card

Documentation of Residency (Required for all Services)

  • Current Mortgage Statement/or Proof of Ownership or     
  • Current Valid Lease Agreement and utility addendum if water payment included with the rent (lease renewal required if lease is ending withing the next 60 days) AND
  • Current Utility Bill within last 30 days (electric, water or gas showing name and address)
  • Homeless customers must provide signed, affidavit of homeless status in Seminole County AND
    • Letter from agency or facility on signed company letterhead verifying homeless situation OR
    • Court eviction within the last 12 months to show homelessness

Income Verification

The CSBG Training, Day Camp, and Extended Day programs require only the last 30 days of income for the household.

The Deposit Program and Dental Program require third (3rd) party verifications of income and assets. If third party verifications are unavailable, proof of the last 6 months of income and assets (including bank statements) will be required for these programs.

Rent, mortgage, and utility assistance programs require the last 90 days of income documentation.

Documents Required to Prove Household Income:
  • Proof of All Household Income-Please provide all that apply to your household
  • Verification of Employment Income: Paystubs for the last 90 days from your application date all household members currently employed
  • Verification of Assets: All pages of Bank Statements/Pay Card/Debit Card statements for the last 6 months for all accounts (*transaction histories are not acceptable-statement must show beginning and ending balance for period covered) if applying for Dental and Deposit only
  • Verification of Unemployment Benefits: Provide an approval letter from unemployment compensation with a printout of benefits being paid from local or out of State benefits
  • Verification of Social Security Income: Current year Social Security Awards letter for all SSDI, SSI, and Social Security benefits for all household members receiving the income
  • Verification of Self employment income: provide last 3 months of business bank accounts, profit/loss statement, and last year tax return
  • Verification of Child Support (Required for all households with minor children not living with both biological parents)
  • Print out from Child Support Enforcement , Clerk of the Court, or Department of Revenue website showing the  payments or Court Order or if support is not court order, payer provides a notarized statement of monthly support paid or proof from Child Support Enforcement or the Clerk of the Court that you are not currently receiving child support
  • Verification of Alimony or Separation Payments-court order or check stubs showing the last 90 days of payments
  • Verification of Pension, Retirement and Annuities- last 90 days of check stubs or letter from company on signed company letterhead verifying the monthly benefit received.
  • Verification of Income from Military Service-LES (Leave & Earning Statement)  
  • Verification of Veterans Administration Benefits- letter from VA verifying monthly benefit received.
  • Verification of Recurring Cash Contributions-form must be completed by person providing household with monthly support
  • Public Assistance Verification: TANF (cash assistance) / Food Stamps Decision Letter or print out (showing household compostition and benefit amount) from DCF showing last 90 days of payments or 6 months for Deposit and Dental Programs
  • Verification of  Worker’s Comp or Short/Long Term Disability- last 90 days of paystubs or paperwork on signed company letterhead verifying the amount of the weekly benefit and how long the benefit will last
  • Verification of No Monthly Income (Must be completed and notarized by all household members 18 and older claiming no monthly income)

  • Verification of No Financial Accounts (Must be completed and notarized by all household members 18 and older claiming no financial/bank account) if applying for deposits or dental only.

  • Third Party Verification Forms:

Documentation of Financial Hardship (Required for Rent, Mortgage or Utility Assistance) within the last 6 months

  • Please provide proof of a documented Financial Hardship within the last 6 months that is not a result of a criminal activity.

Documentation of On-going Management (Sustainability-Required for Rent, Mortgage or Utility Assistance)

  • Unemployment Approval- Unemployment approval decision letter verifying weekly benefits amount and print out of benefits paid (Bank statements or pay card printout)
  • Proof of new or continued employment - Statement from new or current employer on signed company letterhead verifying date you will start employment or return to employment, rate of pay and hours worked weekly

Additional Documents Required for Specific Service Requested

  •  Mortgage
    • Current Mortgage Statement
    • Completed mortgage release form authorizing Seminole County to contact mortgage company.
  •  Rent
    • If applying for 1st month’s rent, the eviction must have occurred in Seminole County and show copy of Court Eviction Notice within the last 12 months.
  • Utility (must be in the name of customer or other adult in household)-Electric, Water, and Gas Only
    •  Past Due or Current Utility Bill (original or electronic bill required *note: account/statement summaries not accepted)
    • Cut Off Notice (Disconnection notice not acceptable)
  •  Dental
    • Original Written Dental Referral from Licensed Dentist within the last 6 months 
    • Dental Provider Name and Contact Information
  •  Deposit 
    • Household must provide documentation of either being homeless or in danger of becoming homeless as a result of the inability to pay security and/or utility deposits when seeking residence in rental housing by providing one of the following documents;
      •  Court eviction within the last year; or
      •  Foreclosure notification within the last year; or
      • Documentation from City or County Code Enforcement stating current housing is substandard housing; or 
      •  Notice of no lease renewal from landlord; or
      •  Proof the household has been residing in an extended stay hotel/motel for 7 days; or
      • Referral from a homeless shelter or agency/church on signed agency letterhead; 
        •  In addition, domestic violence shelter referrals must provide a denial letter for victims crime compensation funding
    • Rental unit must be located within Seminole County; 
    • Monthly rent charged on the unit cannot exceed the current fair market rent (FMR) for Seminole County; 
    • Monthly rent charged on the unit must be at or below 30% of the household’s maximum income level. 
    • Training Program
    • Provide acceptance letter for an Approved Workforce Central Florida Training Program dated within the last 30 days; and
    • Provide a copy of class schedule; and
    • Provide a copy of financial aid documentation from school; and
    • Provide an invoice for program tuition, books and training supplies (Please note: Seminole County will pay the vendor directly).

After you have finished reviewing the document checklist, please proceed to the next page of the application by clicking on the link below. Thank you.  

Hardship Examples