Housing And Financial Assistance

Examples Of Hardships

Unexpected financial hardships may include, but are not limited to the following:

*Based on your financial hardship which is listed in bold, the required document is listed underneath

NOTE:  Unexpected expenses paid with a credit card will not be considered.

**These are examples of hardships and documentation. Your household must have experienced a financial hardship within the last 6 months that is not the result of criminal activity.


Job loss due to a circumstance out of your control.

Letter from employer verifying last date worked and reason for termination on signed company letterhead.

Reduction in employment hours by employer (not a result of client actions/requests).

Written documentation from employer on letterhead signed stating effective date of reduction and reason for reduction with pay stubs within the last 6 months to verify statement from employer.

Family breakup can be considered if the previous household member’s name is listed on the lease.

Written and signed verification from landlord that person is no longer at residence and date they left the household or verification of incarceration (in jail) and documentation that person was a contributing member of the household – example: recent check stubs.

*Note: previous resident must have been on the lease agreement for loss to be considered.  

Expenses due to taking guardianship of a minor child(ren) due to abuse/abandonment or neglect.

Court Order with customer and child’s name showing date order became effective and receipts showing additional expenses paid out for child.

Documented on-going loss of child support payment.

Current child support print out showing gap in payments

Unemployment benefits approval that results from appeal by customer (must show appeal letter and supporting documentation).

Unemployment appeal decision letter showing you have been approved for benefits and notarized DEO form.

Out of work due to medical – without pay or reduced pay.

Medical excuse from licensed physician stating dates out of work under doctor’s care and expected date of return (no medical records accepted).

Unexpected car or home repairs- routine maintenance not considered

Receipt in customer’s name from licensed vendor within the last 6 months (car repairs also require current car registration)

Lapse in payment for extended benefits for unemployment, short term disability or workmen’s compensation Cannot be due to customer’s actions

Print out or letter from agency verifying gap in payments and reason (if STD or workman’s comp)

Seniors or disabled customers that receive the unexpected garnishment of multiple Medicare per diems from their social security check.

Social Security Awards letter verifying the lump sum Medicare Premium being taken out

Consideration may be given for those employees whose hours normally and routinely fluctuate; such as, pool employees, temp or part-time personnel, commission sales personnel or home health care workers only once and with approval from the Case Manager Supervisor but not in the future if client continues to work such employment.

Must have documentation from employer on signed company letterhead indicating the start date and the situation, such as temporary assignment ending, layoff, decrease in hours or sales etc.

Burglary/Theft of funds

Must have police report filed within 30 days of incident occurring

Unexpected expenses/or loss of income due to death of family member (spouse, domestic partner, father, mother, child, siblings, grandchild, grandparents).

Receipt from funeral home showing amount paid or receipt for plane ticket/travel expenses along with death certification, obituary, and/or funeral program for deceased

Fire/Arson resulting in relocation and/or loss of income/property *Note: Cannot assist if losses covered by homeowners/renter insurance

Written report from Fire Marshall indicating occurrence was at the household

If you still would like to complete the application after reviewing the required documents listed above, please click on the link below to START the application. Thank you.



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