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Live Help IconThe "Live Help" feature is intended to help you find answers when you are having trouble locating information. The County representatives will try their best to guide you to a web page or provide a phone number for you to get further assistance. If your wish is to be connected by phone, please call (407) 665-0000 for a County operator.

Please note that transcripts of all Live Help sessions are saved and considered public records as part of Florida's public records laws.

What is it?

  1. a secure chat application
  2. a live connection with a Seminole County representative
  3. a method of getting help finding information on the web site
  4. a service available when possible during normal county business hours

What is it not?

  1. a guarantee that they will have a specific answer to your question
  2. a replacement for the web site search feature
  3. a method to vent frustration
  4. a service that is available 24/7

Live Help is Currently Available For:

Technical Requirements

  • Javascript must be enabled in your web browser
  • Cookies should be allowed by your web browser

How do I know when I can use it?

The images below are not active buttons - they are there as examples.

Online Sample ImageIf the LIVE HELP button says "Online", that means a representative is available to assist you.


Offline Sample ImageIf the LIVE HELP button says "Offline", that means no representative is available. You can leave a message if you would like or you can call (407) 665-0000 for a County operator.