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Workforce Development

Metro Orlando boasts a population that is young, well-educated and diverse. Not coincidentally, the region is at, or near, the top of national charts in several demographic and labor-related categories.

Consider that Metro Orlando, already with a population of 2.5 million, is among the nation's fastest-growing population and employment markets. A labor force exceeding 1.3 million ensures a strong and stable labor pool for a community that is expected to remain among the nation's top 10 metropolitan areas well into the future.

CareerSource Central Florida

Florida's One-Stop System is part of a national labor exchange network that links employers to qualified applicants and also provides employment, education and training services for job seekers and employers. They link employers to qualified applicants and job seekers to employment opportunities. To obtain these services, employers can call and discuss their employment needs with a local One-Stop liaison (407-531-1222). The One-Stop will then recruit, pre-screen, and assess qualified applicants for you. Companies can save on the cost of advertising for job openings and it reduces the time spent interviewing applicants and reviewing resumes. Business owners may also benefit from tax credits, reductions, or refunds when they either hire from or create jobs for designated target groups. In some cases, employers may receive direct cash assistance to offset training.

In the event of company restructuring, downsizing or layoffs, the One-Stop Centers can assist businesses and their employees by conducting on-site presentations on the services and tools available to them. The dislocated workers receive brochures and information on programs, workshops, training and all the job placement services offered through Florida's One Stop Career Center System, as well as potential job openings with employers.

2020 Summer Work Experience Internship Program

This summer, CareerSource Central Florida invites your business to make an impact for the future. Become a CSCF partner and host an up to 6-week internship for students participating in CSCF’s Summer Youth Experience track. In addition to earning wages funded by CSCF, this summer internship gives young aspiring professionals the chance to network with professionals and gain hands-on experience working in their field of interest. Share your industry knowledge and curate local talent for your business, while inspiring young professionals and cultivating growth for a thriving workforce in your Central Florida community.

  • Gain additional summer employment, at no cost to your business
  • Make a lasting positive impact in the lives of the emerging generation
  • Showcase your community involvement as a CSCF partner

Apply here to sign your business up for the Experience Track

Incumbent Worker Training Program

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) is a program provides training to currently employed workers to keep Florida’s workforce competitive in a global economy and to retain existing businesses. The program is available to all Florida businesses that have been in operation for at least one year prior to application and require training for existing employees.

Quick Response Training Program

Quick Response Training (QRT) is a customer-driven training program designed to assist new value-added businesses and provide existing Florida businesses the necessary training for expansion. This program is customized, flexible and responsive to individual company needs. CareerSource Florida is Florida’s innovative private-public partnership for competitive workforce incentives.

Unemployment Assistance

Information and links to CONNECT for Reemployment Assistance Claimants and Employers from the Department of Economic Opportunity.  

Food Manager Training

Up-to-date information and current regulations for Food Managers to serve Florida consumers’ food that is prepared in a clean and safe environment. This 8-hour training leads to the exam which results in National Certification that is valid for five years. This certification is required in Florida by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the Department of Agriculture and selected licensees of the Department of Health for all venues that serve food and beverages.

Registration at UF/IFAS Food Safety and Quality

About Seminole County Agriculture

With an annual impact of $465 million, agriculture is vital to Seminole County. We provide relevant and timely resources to agricultural producers and others who need information about Seminole County agriculture. The Seminole County Commercial Horticulture/Agriculture Program provides education and training based on the latest research from the University of Florida. The Commercial Horticulture/Agriculture agent is available for consultation, to provide CEUs, and improve the quality of life for all citizens. Commercial Horticulture/Agriculture Agent - Matt Lollar (407) 665-5554

Small Farms
Are you interested in growing food for a local market, diversifying your existing Agricultural Operation, or just want to buy food locally? Check out this page for Alternative Enterprise ideas, Marketing information, as well as a list of local farms and farmers markets.

Agriculture Agents Serving Seminole County
For questions on ornamental production, turfgrass production, vegetable production, or commercial landscape maintenance contact Hanna Wooten (407) 665-5554. For livestock and pasture questions, please contact Dennis Mudge (407) 254-9200. For commercial citrus and fruit tree crop questions, please contact Gary England (352) 343-4101.

Pesticide Applicator Training and Testing
The above link provides information on training and testing dates in your area, study materials for a particular license, and will help you determine which license you need.

Green Industries Best Management Practices
Beginning January 1, 2014, any person applying fertilizers "for-hire" to an urban landscape must be certified under Chapter 482.1562, Florida Statutes. This includes all commercial fertilizer applicators making any type of fertilizer application to commercial turf or ornamental areas; and/or the turf or ornamental areas of parks or fields (other than agricultural areas) and/or turf or ornamental area of any residential property. The above link provides information on training and testing in your area.

Outside Resources

Below is a collection of links that may be useful to you. These websites are not managed by Seminole County and problems experienced with these sites should be addressed to those websites themselves.

Commercial growers of ornamentals, fruits, and vegetables as well as livestock producers can access up-to-date production and marketing information from the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. For publications, go to EDIS.

For the latest on marketing, see the USDA marketing reports at the Market Information System site. What was the temperature at 5am this morning -- go to the FAWN site.

Ag Commodity Market Price Information
Commodity Market Price Information

Central Florida Extension on the Web
Seminole, Orange, and Lake County Extension Service’s websites.

Florida Agriculture Newsletters
Get up-to-date information about Central Florida agriculture.

CEUs Online
Do you need to renew your license but don't have the time to come to a class? You can receive CEUs online at your convenience at the Florida Grower website.

More CEUs Online
Go to the Hillsborough County Extension Website for additional online CEUs.

University of Florida’s publications database for agriculture and horticulture.

Florida Automated Weather Network
Real-time and historical weather data from the University of Florida

Florida MarketMaker
Find locally grown produce, farmers markets, and restaurants serving local produce or register your business.

IPM Monitoring Network
Receive accurate information about Central Florida pest populations on specific ornamental plants.

North Florida Research & Education Center
Information on greenhouse and field vegetable production and agronomic crops.

Pesticide Licensing
The State of Florida requires that most professionals who apply pesticides as part of their job be certified to legally apply ANY pesticides (even Round-Up). Who must be certified and the type of certification required depends on the type of chemicals used, the site of application, and the role of the applicator. (Site walks you through which pesticide license you need, CEU renewal, and study guide(s) order information.)

Small Farms/Alternative Enterprises
Small farms represent over 90% of all farms in Florida, based on the USDA definition of up to $250,000 in sales. These farms represent about 15% of all farm product sales in Florida. Input from counties throughout Florida identified the need for small farm educational programs to be developed. Small farmers and allied organizations have identified critical issues facing small farm. The issues include: access to profitable markets, business skills development, accessible technical information and alternative crops and enterprises. Farmers using this site can select topics on enterprises of special interest to them. Each topic includes information on production, marketing, and economics as well as other appropriate links.