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Business Finance

There are a number of favorable financing alternatives available to businesses to assist in the acquisition of land, building and equipment. Additionally, a number of programs designed to help with import and export activities are available as well. Find a list of Business Finance programs here.

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Business Grants

The Redevelopment and Construction Grant encourages redevelopment of existing buildings and new construction in the US 17-92 CRA Area. The program provides funding for up to 20 percent of the total project cost, per building, to cover redevelopment and construction projects.All funding is limited to Catalyst Projects as defined within the application under Eligibility Requirements.

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Business Spotlight Video Archive

Before each Board of County Commissioners meeting, a short video is played highlighting a local business in Seminole County. Find an archive of past videos here.

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County Codes

This Code contains the general administrative rules, policies and procedures of Seminole County. The purpose of this code is to set forth the duties and responsibilities and powers of County officials and agencies and to consolidate Seminole County's rules, policies and procedures as they pertain to the internal workings of the County in one place for ease of reference and compliance.

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Development Information

This section contains information and links to permitting and licensing.

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Foreign Trade Zones

The Foreign-Trade Zones Act was created to "expedite and encourage foreign commerce" in the United States. This is accomplished through the designation of geographical areas, in or adjacent to Customs Ports of Entry, where commercial merchandise receives the same Customs treatment it would if it were outside the commerce of the United States.

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Landscape Training & Certification

Find Landscape Applicator training and testing schedules, as well as a list of helpful links for certification.

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Potential Development Sites

Resources for identifying sites available in Seminole County for developing your business can be found here, which include a number of commercial real estate search tools.

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Relocation Information

This section is intended as a quick reference guide for people moving to Seminole County or considering relocation.

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Restaurant Training & Certification

Find up-to-date information and current regulations for Food Managers and Food Handlers to serve Florida consumers’ food that is prepared in a clean and safe environment. This 8-hour training leads to the exam which results in National Certification that is valid for five years. This certification is required in Florida by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, the Department of Agriculture and selected licensees of the Department of Health for all venues that serve food and beverages.

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Small Business Resources

Find a list of lenders, programs and boards helpful to small and start-up businesses in Seminole County.

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State & Local Business Incentives

The Economic Development Department of Seminole County initiated a Jobs Growth Incentive Fund in 1995 for companies creating new jobs. Seminole County will consider awarding funds for expenses such as impact and permit fees, relocation costs, equipment purchases, land acquisition, building construction, loan interest pay-down, lease-hold improvements or any other legitimate business expense as determined by the Board of County Commissioners.

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State & Local Taxes

Find a list of tax rates, millage rates and costs of living in this library of documents.

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Workforce Development

Metro Orlando boasts a population that is young, well-educated and diverse. Not coincidentally, the region is at, or near, the top of national charts in several demographic and labor-related categories. Consider that Metro Orlando, already with a population of 1.6 million, is among the nation's fastest-growing population and employment markets.