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The more recent hurricanes and threats of terrorism encourage us all to act. Preparing for disasters, help communities by strengthening response and speeding recovery from emergencies. Recovery efforts in Seminole County can be a long-term and expensive process for an area primarily suburban to rural. Preparedness will dramatically decrease the time spent on response and help citizens to recover more quickly and efficiently.

Loading Supplies Support from volunteers is vital to making these efforts a reality. It is all about helping friends and neighbors begin the return to normalcy after damages from a disaster.

Seminole HEART asks that persons consider how they might develop a broader-based disaster preparedness program throughout their organization.  Your can help your organization plan for disasters in several ways:

  1. Encourage disaster response preparedness involvement within your organization through education, training and information.
  2. Pass this information and opportunity for action and training on to your leaders in our community.
  3. Provide us with contact information of interested community and organizational leaders from your group, who can work with Seminole HEART in forming local unmet needs committees.
  4. Share your organization’s leadership and expertise with the larger community through working with us.
  5. Invite Seminole HEART or Emergency Management to meet with you and/or other leadership for more information.

Stored SuppliesSeminole HEART also asks persons to act now to assist with recovery from disasters. You can do this by:

  • Including your organization or group in disaster recovery planning by attending Seminole HEART meetings.
  • Provide volunteers to assist in disaster affected areas in Florida.
  • Work with Seminole HEART to establish plans for donations (including cleanup time, money, supplies, etc.). 

In addition to these items, you can:

  • Send A Volunteer Team: to assist in cleaning up flooded homes, or in rebuilding damaged homes
  • Donate food, clothing, appliances, etc.
  • Donate professional services (counseling, legal advice, medical, etc.)
  • Donate money
Helicopter Assistance

Assist your local community in disaster response and recovery by becoming part of a Seminole HEART unmet needs committee. Any assistance that persons can provide in helping our organization help the citizens and guests of our community is greatly appreciated.


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